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Regional integration remains one of African governments’ most trusted policy options for dealing with the development tragedy of the continent. It is therefore not surprising that the African Union (AU) is so deeply troubled by the several problems - especially the multiplicity and overlapping memberships - that beset the continent’s Regional Economic Communities (RECs). In order to strengthen RECs, the Union is currently embarking on a rationalisation exercise. Relying mainly on secondary data, this study particularly tries to appraise the process by looking at its justification, progress,challenges, prospects and criticisms. However, in a bid to convey a better understanding of the rationalisation exercise, the study provides a laconic overview of regional integration in Africa,explaining quite vividly how the multiplicity and overlapping memberships has entangled Africa’s integration process in a complex web.Although the study concludes that rationalisation is imperative,it observes that a number of challenges may further delay the conclusion of the entire process. Researchers,Students or stakeholders of regional integration in Africa will undoubtedly find this piece very useful

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