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Environmental protection is a practice of protecting the environment, on individual, organisational or governmental level, for the benefit of the both living and non-living resources including human beings. Due to population pressures and advanced technologies the bio-physical environment is being degraded, gradually and continuously. "The Environmental Protection in India: Role of the Supreme Court” concerns with trans- boundary problem of environmental pollution. So within the framework of this assignment, the purpose is to show how the law and judiciary have struck a balance between environment and development in India. To achieve this end, effort has been - (i) to make a critical evaluation of the constitutional philosophy and environmental policy of India; (ii) to analyse and evaluate the judicial mechanism especially the Apex Court pertaining to control, preserve and protect the water, air , soil, forest and wild life i.e., natural resources; (iii) to assess the remedial measures contained under various laws of the country and behest of the Supreme Court.

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