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If you love your drinking games and party games this one is perfect. If you remember the TV show “The Price is Right” than you will recognize this as the game called “Plinko”. It’s great fun for up to six players and can be used over and over again. Simply drop your plastic marker down the grid and if it lands in one of the 6 shot glasses then you’re a winner and get to drink that shot. What could be more fun? Get yours and explore the many variations possible for more advanced game play. - Color: Black + Red + Transparent - Material: ABS + electron material - Drinking for up to 6 players - Keep adults entertained and brings a lot of laughter in a party - A welcome addition to any adult party - No intended for Children - Suitable for KTV and bar gatherings or other parties and build a happy and funny atmosphere during drinking (not intended for children) - Package includes: - 1 x Main playing board with acrylic cover - 6 x Shot glasses - 6 x Colored chips - 5 x Clap boards

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