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The subject of reliability and survival is one of the most important subjects and statistical procedure in current time which is interested in many fields, especially in medical, industrial and engineering fields. The Weibull distribution is one of the most popular failure time dealing with various data because its flexibility. In this research deriving and finding the survival probability function, hazard probability function and failure (death) probability function for three – parameters weibull distribution of brain cancer in complete data to satisfying that estimating all parameters (shape, scale and location) using three classical methods (MLE method, ME method and OLS method)to find the survival function. Depending on sample from real data which describe the duration of survivor for patients who suffer from the brain cancer based on diagnosis of disease or the enter of patients in a hospital for period 1/1/2009 until 31/12/2009.Calculating and estimating survival, hazard and failure (death) functions from calculating and estimating the three – parameters in Weibull distribution by using three classical previous mention methods.

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