language change and lexical variation in youth language

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The major objective of this study was to explore the lexical stylistic devices employed to discuss HIV/AIDS issues in three selected Zimbabwean anti-AIDS films and to determine their communicative functions. To achieve this objective, a Qualitative approach was adopted and mainly qualitative data was collected using a multidisciplinary approach. This involved an in-depth textual analysis; conducting interviews and document analysis. Data gathered was analyzed using Critical Discourse Analysis framework with Fairclough's model; Discourse as Social Practice as the basic tool of analysis. Thus, language was perceived as a part of the society; a social process and a socially conditioned process. This multiple analysis approach involved describing the nature of language used to talk about HIV/AIDS; interpreting the findings to establish the communicative functions of the language and explaining the underlying cultural and ideological manifestations that influence the linguistic choices. One of the major findings of the study is that the Zimbabwean HIV/AIDS discourse employs linguistic strategies in the form of metaphors, euphemisms, idioms, etc. to avoid candid talk about the pandemic a

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