language change and lexical variation in youth language

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Linguistic diversity is one of the beauties of Nepal. The issues of indigenous languages in Nepal is hot cake for the researchers today. language gives the insights about the life styles and knowledge syatems of the particular language groups or communities. Thus, I took the Limbu language as one of more than 52 indigenous languages of Nepal. This study was conducted through the sociological perspectives for looking the status of that language. During this reaearch, everyday practices of Limbu people and their traditional professions, changing attitudes of young generations, continuity of their culture and costumes were taken as internal factors while survival needs, state response state response in terms of policy arrangements of formal education system, politics and intervention of Nepali and English languages were external factors. From this study, I found the conditional situation of Limbu language and better options for strengthening are; everyday practice by activists and all Limbu speakers, promotional documentations, programmes and activities by the state, identity politics by politicians and establishing mutual honor among all of the ethnic languages in Nepali society.

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