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Mainly used in electronic toys small appliances sports equipment and all kinds of alarm and other products. Vibration switch with flexible and sensitive trigger become indispensable in many electronic products electronic components. Our company uses a new product that is SW - 1801P vibration switch features: Vibration switch sensor module KY-002 FOR ARDUINO; This switch is open (OFF) when still state When the external force to touch and to achieve a proper shaking force or movement speed to achieve appropriate (partial) from heart conductive pin will momentarily conduction (ON) status change electric property when the external force disappears electric property open (OFF) is resumed. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" . Omnidirectional any Angle can trigger job. This switch is not sealed packaging is not waterproof dustproof; Circuit may trigger sensitivity need to choose suitable for the sensitivity of the switch. This switch is suitable for small current circuit (secondary circuit) or trigger (IC).

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