anti static elastic finger cots stalls yellow size l 50 pcs

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Pick purple bolt hedge herba schizonepetae coloured vegetables such as wear prevent hands dirty with vegetable juice; Peel the peanut soybean and other foods in the shell when wearing prevent hands worn out; The fingers and toes were injured while taking a shower prevent water from entering the wound infection occurs; Count cash and distribute newspapers; Take CD beads and so on not to leave fingerprints and perspiration stains; Do manual on hand to prevent wear and tear; When use plastic packaging items bag mouth is not easy to be opened use the finger stalls easy to solve; Write with chalk on the blackboard very suitable for teachers; Used for waterproof please check whether leakage; Can't wear long time; After using them then dry them can be used repeatedly; After using many times and not convenient to use put some bath powder and talcum powder to lubrication; Avoid sharp scratches; When taking off can roll from top to bottom; Mainly used in microelectronics plastic products hardware part of the production process; To avoid the body perspiration electrostatic damage to the product; Easy to wear isolate moisture content produced in the finger parts to prevent the pollution damage to the product.

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